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A packet of organizational materials for
families of loved ones entering or residing
in a Skilled Nursing Care Facility.


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CPI - Care Plan InformationThree copies of all custom designed CPI forms to be used. This will help you re-evaluate the care plan as you meet with the health care workers in the future.

The Care Plan Information Packet contains the following, with an explanation of each form and how to best to use it.

  1. CPI Resident Assessment Protocol Worksheet. This valuable worksheet can be used to closely follow and understand the skilled nursing plan that will be generated for use in creating a Plan of Care.
  2. CPI Resident Assessment Protocol Summary. This is a summary of all problem areas that need to be addressed in the plan of care. Please note that these forms have been designed to coordinate with the source documents used by the nursing personnel. This is of critical importance in order for you to understand the problem areas used to develop the plan of care. This summary will give you the intended course of action to address all problem areas.
    1. Example: number 2 on the CPI Resident Assessment Protocol Summary addresses Cognitive Loss. This might address a decrease in short term memory, an inability to carry on conversations as in the past, an inability to remember names of family members, or a failure to recognize friends or family.
    2. Example: number 12 on the CPI Resident Assessment Protocol Summary addresses "nutritional state". If it is noted that there has been a weight loss recently the plan of care might include: offering between-meal snacks, including high calorie snacks; recording intake; or other measures.
Once you have knowledge of the forms and how to fill them out, you will have an in-depth understanding of and an increased level of comfort regarding your knowledge of the content of the Skilled Nursing Plan, and how it is developed. It can help you be better able to assess the needs and the care of your loved one.

We suggest that you take the time to work with these forms. This knowledge can be extremely helpful in preparing for meetings with the health care professionals at the Skilled Nursing Facility.

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