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Things You Need to Know about Skilled Nursing Facilities

Care Plan Information discusses some important issues facing you, your loved ones and skilled nursing care providers. Understanding these issues helps you ask the RIGHT questions and get the RIGHT answers.
  1. What about Elder Abuse?
    There is considerable evidence of elder abuse in Skilled Nursing Facilities. In a facility that has to be open 24 hours a day and where workers are often extremely busy with little supervision it is unfortunate but true that there are cases of elder abuse that go unrecognized. Care Plan Information helps you use the information you have and how to deal with elder abuse, if you think it is taking place.

  2. Special Concerns about Senior Citizens:
    Senior citizens admitted into a Skilled Nursing Facility need to have as much input from previous caregivers and loved ones as possible. Often, senior citizen homes are very busy and have limited staff to meet the demands of the residents. However, you should know that funds are received from the Government and there is a standard of care that must be met. Care Plan Information helps you understand these guidelines and requirements.

  3. The Potential Need for a Certified Senior Advisor:
    You may want to seek the help of a Certified Senior Advisor to assist you in gathering further information about your locale. In addition, there are Geriatric Care managers who oversee and help with planning care for the elderly. It is the responsibility of the facilities to stay abreast of Medicare changes and see that they are implemented in each facility. Care Plan Information will aid you in determining if you need such help, and help you assistance to find it.

  4. MDS (Minimum Data Set):
    Care Plan Information explains this important form used to record the need for skilled intervention for a specific patient. It must be filled out carefully by a representative of the facility as well as a member of the resident’s family or other responsible party.

  5. Geriatric Care or Elder Care or Senior Housing and Senior Communities:
    Care Plan Information details each of the options for skilled care. Armed with the knowledge in this guide, you can carry out a thorough check on any facility in which your loved one is or will be housed. A rating system provides a quick summary of the facility's record, customer satisfaction and physical operation. You will learn how to ask the facility for information about its last review and any infractions that may appear in that review.

  6. Costs, Rules and Regulations:
    To avoid problems and the potential for financial difficulties Care Plan Information provides insight into nursing home costs, which can range widely depending on location and level of care. While the costs vary, the basic Skilled Nursing Care regulations remain the same from state to state. Each facility supplemented by Medicare Funding must adhere to strict policies. Knowing about the policies can protect you from fraud and other issues that can drastically affect your loved one’s care.

  7. Medicare and Supplemental Insurance Coverage and Eligibility:
    It is of paramount importance that you understand the patient’s rights and what you and your loved one can expect from Medicare benefits. Care Plan Information helps you understand the Medicare forms, which can often be confusing. To protect you and your loved one, you must familiarize yourself with Medicare Part A and Part B. Care Plan Information gives you information about how decisions are made regarding a Care Plan for your loved one, and opens the door so that you can explore the many Government and private sources of information on this subject.

  8. Other Care Options:
    In addition to Skilled Nursing, your loved one may also be eligible for many Senior Services. For example, there is a growing field of Geriatric Care, Geriatric Nursing and Geriatric Case Management. Case Managers specialize in the care of the elderly and address elderly issues. In addition there are many who specialize in elder estate planning. Once a loved one has been discharged from a Skilled Nursing Facility, he or she may be eligible for elderly home care by Medicare-certified agencies.
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