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The Elderly and Dental Care

Elderly dental care is an important facet of care that should not be overlooked by caregivers.  Elderly dental care constitutes much more than providing dentures to elderly persons.  Aside from addressing more obvious problems associated with chewing and swallowing properly, proper and frequent elderly dental care can help to prevent much more serious health problems such as pneumonia and heart attacks.  During a routine dental check-up, the elderly person should be screened for oral cancer, especially if the elderly person has a history of tobacco or frequent alcohol use.  Since dental care is not frequently covered by health insurance and not covered at all by Medicare, the elderly seldom maintain a schedule of necessary dental care.  Unfortunately, because of the associated health risks involved with a lack of dental care, the consequences of infrequent dental care among the elderly are much more serious than problems associated with younger persons.  A skilled nursing facility should be able to address any concerns a family has about the dental care that will be provided to an elderly loved one.  If an elderly loved one is in need of regular dental care, such as denture maintenance, prior to admittance to a skilled nursing facility, the issue should be addressed with the staff of a skilled nursing facility in order to maintain an optimum level of care. 

Care Plan Information™ Addresses Dental Care and Other Issues

Care Plan Information™ details the questions families should ask the staff of a skilled nursing facility in order to ensure an elderly loved one receives the best possible care.  Care Plan Information™ can provide families with all the necessary information to make informed decisions. Go to www.CarePlanInformation.com today to order a packet. 

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