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The Debate about Physical Restraints

A debate exists about the use of physical restraints on elderly people, especially in skilled nursing facilities.  The advocates for use of physical restraints cite that the reasons for using physical restraints include the safety and well-being of the person who requires restraint.  When an elderly person suffers from Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, physical restraints are used in order to prevent that person from wandering and potentially tripping, falling, or displaying violent behavior.  When an elderly person is at risk for tripping and falling, the doctor may prescribe that bedrails be used in order to prevent the possibility of that person falling and breaking a bone.  The use of physical restraints in skilled nursing facilities is the cause of great debate because physical restraints are considered inhumane by some people and have been shown to cause greater harm than help in the majority of situations.  Today, a doctor must prescribe the use of physical restraints for patients and the patient must be checked and repositioned frequently to reduce the risk of injury.  If a family has concerns about a skilled nursing facility’s policy on physical restraints, the family should express such concerns before the elderly loved one is admitted. 

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