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Falls and Accident Prevention

Accidents, such as falls, happen to all people but the possibility of an accident increases with age.  The elderly are more prone to injury from a fall than a younger person because of health factors, like osteoporosis.  The elderly also have an increased chance of falling or being involved in a similar accident due to loss of eyesight, decreased depth perception, and slowed reflexes.  Pride and an unwillingness to become dependent on the family often prevent an elderly family member from discussing accident involvement.  Accident prevention is crucial to maintaining the bodily health of an elderly person.  Discussing the accident prevention measures taken by the staff of an elderly care facility will help to ensure that falls are minimized and that, if an accident does happen, the elderly family member will be properly treated.  Accident prevention in an elderly care facility includes notifying the staff of the facility about whether an elderly loved one is at a higher risk for falls because of bad vision or impaired motor function.  Showers equipped with seats and safety bars and common living areas with wide walkways will decrease the likelihood of accidents in an elderly care facility.

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