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Ensuring Psychosocial Well-Being

Psychosocial well-being is something often overlooked when assessing the health of an elderly individual.  While greater importance is being placed on helping elderly individuals remain active in the community, little interest has been generated on the topic of psychosocial well-being.  Psychosocial well-being includes having a positive self-image and feeling like an important part of social relationships.  To help ensure psychosocial well-being in an elderly individual, the person should be kept active in community activities and feel a sense of independence.  Obviously, assessing the psychosocial well-being of an elderly person in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s or other form of dementia is exceedingly difficult.  However, all elderly people can enjoy a better quality of life if the psychosocial well-being of the person is assessed and found to be positive.  For some elderly residents of a skilled nursing facility, a change in routine can trigger a lack of psychosocial well-being.  Other residents may become depressed because the residents are no longer able, for various reasons, to participate in all of the activities that such patients formerly participated in.  A decline in psychosocial well-being is marked by signs of depression and, potentially, delusions.  Maintaining psychosocial well-being can lead to a higher quality of life for an elderly individual. 

Assessing Psychosocial Well-Being Using Care Plan Information™

The worksheet included in Care Plan Information™ can help families to assess the psychosocial well-being of an elderly loved one.  The ability to accurately assess psychosocial well-being can prevent the development of more serious emotional problems and lead to a better quality of life for an elderly loved one.  The staff of a skilled nursing facility should be equipped to encourage the psychosocial well-being of the residents.  Visit www.CarePlanInformation.com today to order information that helps families address the needs of an elderly loved one.

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